Surface preparation & restoration services

Coating/Rust Removal! Elite Eco Blasting – YOU name it! WE prep it!

Our team has worked with businesses, homeowners, car and boat enthusiasts, to make their visions a reality. Our seasoned skills and methods are what has kept us at the forefront of our industry. Always on time to every project, you can expect precision, reliability, and competitive prices. Call us anytime to learn more in detail about our professional projects in all of MD, DC, Northern VA.


  • Strips paint, rust, imperfections, and other various contaminants from surface
  • Proper surface preparation
  • Creating surfaces that will produce proper adhesion for protective coatings

Post Blasting Priming

  • 2 coats of epoxy primer/sealer
  • 2 part industrial grade
  • black or off gray

Top Coating

  • case by case
  • 2 coats DTM
  • 3 part industrial grade
  • 3rd party powder coating

Cast Iron Home Radiators

  • complete professional restoration
  • steam and oil
  • all shapes and sizes